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Online Career Preferences Assessment

What's the right job for?
What are the best options for me?
What course shall I study?


We help you find answers to these questions and immediately enable you to begin researching your best options online through the careerPreference Profiler. We take you through a series of questions or statements, which you complete online at your own pace and usually takes under 20 minutes.

Your answers to these questions provide a unique picture of what type of jobs and work you would be suited to and enjoy doing. By analyzing your unique combination of career preferences we can give you a targeted list of choices which specifies not only the field of your interest but what occupations you could explore within this field which match your preferences. We then show you more about those occupations to enable you to make an informed career decision.

The report will identify areas of work that match your interest s and natural career preferences, but where you may not yet have the experience, skills or training to work in those areas. This helps you consider your options for further training or work experience. The careerPreference profiler helps you move forward in your career decision-making and is useful for both school leavers through to adults contemplating a career change.

This is a sophisticated assessment tool that is quick and easy to use and is available on-line for you to complete now.

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Find the perfect job for you by completing the online careerPreference questionnaire to identify the right match for you and your interests.  Begin researching immediately how to get started in the field of your choice. Years of career research has gone into creating this easy to use tool, giving you the ability to make confident decisions about your future.

Anne Fulton, Director