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JRA Employee Engagement:

We’re All In This Together (2010)

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Employee Engagement: We’re All In This Together explores the issues that organisations face during tough economic times and how these can be tackled effectively. After a short look at initiatives themed around the four pillars of JRA’s Anatomy of a Great Workplace™ model (Vision & Values, Sense of Community, Developing People and Performance Culture), the publication highlights the performance of specific sectors and gives practical examples of organisations within those sectors that have pulled through the recession while maintaining (and some cases even improving) engagement levels, and all of whom have demonstrated a ‘we’re all in this together’ attitude.



Redundancy can open

fresh job opportunities

The Independant Financial Review, 05.02.2009

By Kimberley Villari

Many workers face losing their jobs as companies begin restructuring, but gettiing laid off can have its up-side by providing a chance to start a  completley new career.



Polish your diamonds and

watch them shine

NZ Herald, 28.05.2008


It can be a mistake for organisations to go out looking for skilled workers when the best candidate might be sitting right under their noses. Brian Nobel, managing director of Achievement Discoveries, says companies are not upskilling their employees enough to hire from within.



Career Development as a Retention and Succession Planning Tool

The Journal for Quality and Participation 01.10.2005


Career development and succession planning go hand in hand. When they are linked to the organization's vision, employees can align their personal aspirations to the organization's current and future needs, creating a mutually beneficial environment. READ MORE>>


Career Development Trends in

IO Psychology and HR Practice


As HR becomes more important to an organisations’ bottom line it’s role will depend more on consulting and project management
The newest trend is for HR to work more closely with other departments such as Finance, IT, Sales and Marketing. READ MORE>>


Engage the employee with

supportive relationships

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Recent publicity on workplace bullying, and studies conducted by sociologist Tim Hallet on the negative impact of gossip on workplace camaraderie, suggest organisations need to be wary of the detrimental effects of dysfunctional employee relations on business performance.  READ MORE>>


What can New Zealand

learn from the past decade?

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If we consider the economy over the past decade, New Zealand has experienced a period of extended growth followed by one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression.

An analysis by JRA of the key drivers of employee engagement over this period may offer some insight as the economy moves out of recession.



Career development strategy

key to winning talent war

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As 2010 moves into recovery mode there is a good chance the "talent war" of more bullish times will return, and with it the need to dust off talent retention strategies.

According to workplace survey and analysis specialists JRA, learning and development should be prominent among those strategies.  READ MORE>>


The day starts before sunrise

By Diana Clement, NZ Herald

Have you ever noticed how half the morning can be swallowed up chatting with colleagues, answering endless phone calls and a mountain of email? READ MORE>>


Get the feelgood factor

By Angela McCarthy, NZ Herald

Ask people what motivates them to do well at work and the answer is not more money but incentives such as career advancement, challenging work and training, says Maria Thomson, consultant for occupational psychologist consultancy Career Analysts. READ MORE>>


Real assets are worth developing

By Angela McCarthy, NZ Herald

For three years, ANZ has been running a programme to help its staff to grow, personally and professionally. Breakout, as it's called, raises employee self awareness and teaches them how to regulate their behaviours to achieve more at home and work, says Elissa Coward, the bank's head of people capital.
People capital, you ask? The title indicates the change in focus, says Coward - people are an asset, not a resource.
And assets can grow in value if you tend to them properly, which is where the concept of career development kicks in. READ MORE >>

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