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online careerCENTRE™


The on-line Career Centre is a DIY solution for those who want to manage their career more effectively.  Whether you want want to identify what you would be best suited to, identify your talents and skills or research your next career - the Online Career Centre will help you.

Developed by our team of psychologists after years of assisting our coaching clients to maximise opportunities you will find answers to all your career queries from what motivates you, through to how to identify your best-fit career path or improve your interviewing skills or re-negotiateyour salary. 

This is a resource that will assist your career for a life-time. It includes a thorough self-assessment programme that has a proven track record of helping our career coaching clients define "what next for them". 

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Career Coaching for Individuals

No matter what your stage or age, Career Analysts can assist you in making a career change or re-aligning yourself with your current career path and plan. People change - their needs, values, interests and skills evolve with maturity. It makes sense to be sure that you are making the right career choices and decisions based on your unique traits, at any time in your career and particularly before or committing to your next move or embarking on study using additional time & expense.

Choose the best option for you from one of our programmes.


News for Individuals


I Get Paid To: Make A Difference

By Jo Mills,

Imagine being paid to live your dream - helping inspire, encourage and motivate the youth of the very community you grew up in! Thanks to the Vodafone World of Difference programme, Swanie Nelson is doing just that! She's working hard to help improve the lives of the young people of Otara. Check out her inspirational profile here...READ MORE>>

Get a Career You Love!

By Jo Mills,

At work, during study or during career planning sessions, we spend a lot of time planning how we develop and grow our skills. And this is a great idea.   But your current jobcompetence and your ongoing success is going to be based on how well you leverage your strengths and talents that come naturally and that you already have.  By planning your career around using your natural talents, you will be able to become an expert more quickly, perform at a higher level and get paid more! READ MORE>>

The Savvy nzgirls' Guide to:

Leaving a Job Successfully

By Jo Mills,

You might be leaving your job for lots of reasons – you have a new role, are starting to study, going on your OE, have had enough of your job or it may just not have worked out as you hoped... READ MORE>>


Combine Travel and a Career!

By Jo Mills,

Each year tens of thousands of young kiwis eagerly pack their bags with Vegemite and Vogels, and head off on a magical adventure filled with travelling, work and… well, drinking. READ MORE>>


Build Your Mastermind Group

By Jo Mills,

We change and grow through the things we read (or watch) and the people we spend time with.   Who are you allowing to influence you? READ MORE>>


Become an Expert

By Jo Mills,

What would it do for your career if you were more knowledgeable than others in your field?  Had a broader understanding of your industry? Always knew the latest advancements, industry 'gossip', business deals or changes in your field? READ MORE>>


Remove The Panic!

By Jo Mills,

Have you ever worked with someone who always looked like they were stressed out?  They may have piles of paper everywhere, messy personal presentation or that look of panic in their eyes.  If this sounds like you, then you are not alone.  Most of us can relate to feeling overwhelmed - like it is all too much. READ MORE>>


Set a Career Success Goal

By Jo Mills,

This article is not for those people. It is for those of you who have decided to stay in your current role for a bit longer and have returned to work after a holiday.  It is easy to get back into the standard routine of things, but if you really want to maximise your career success, you need to be thinking smarter than that. READ MORE>>


Share Your Success

By Jo Mills,

If you think you will be recognized and noticed just by doing well, then you will be waiting a long time for that promotion or pay rise. You have to remind your manager and the other senior staff about your successes and strengths. Most of us shy away from singing our own praises, but you can talk about your success in a way which is professional, confident and clear but isn’t boasting. READ MORE>>


Raise Your Profile

By Jo Mills,

It is hard to promote someone that you never see, never hear, and who fades into the background. Raising your profile and getting noticed is essential if you want to fast track your career success. You want to be noticed (in a good way!) READ MORE>>


What to do about sick days?

By Anne Fulton

With winter around the corner, we thought it was time to touch on a subject that is often asked about – sick kids.

Children are children, and at times they get sick and are unable to attend school or day care. Unfortunately this can happen at the drop of a hat. Most parents have experienced a time when their child is sick just before they walk out the door to work.  READ MORE>>


Putting your parenting skills to

good use in the working world

By Anne Fulton, Parenting Magazine

Time taken out for parenting should never leave you with a ‘gap’ in your CV.  In fact, it is an opportunity to update your CV with all the fabulous new transferable skills you have gained! READ MORE>>


jobs galore – too many choices, no ideas?

The “paradox of choice” can put you in a real jam and may help to explain why so many people flounder about trying to choose their next job. It may not be that we feel we have no choice - instead it may be that we have too many choices. Find out what we’re talking about in career analysts latest article.

Mary: What do you do for a living?

Joe: I’m an Account Manager in the advertising industry.

Mary: Really?!! I wouldn’t have pictured you as someone who enjoyed accounting.

A recent netcheck survey by career analysts indicated that Mary is not alone in her job title misconceptions. From a true/false questionnaire containing ten job descriptions only 14% of 170 respondents correctly guessed the match between all job descriptions and their respective job titles! 

Granted, some of the job titles were fairly obscure – ranging from Stevedores (a person who loads or unloads a vessel (- and not a stunt driver as suggested by 25% of respondents)) to Phlebotomists (person responsible for drawing blood from patients). However, it begs the question if you don’t know that such a job exists and what that job involves, how do you know that it’s not the job for you? And to answer that question, does that mean that you have to know every single job title out there in the world of work? Thankfully NO. Many of you will already know that being a Phlebotomist is not the job for you and a quick look at the multitude of jobs on job description websites will dash any hopes of being a walking dictionary of occupational titles!

So, how do you know that your dream job isn’t out there, but it’s just that you have never heard of it before? How do you explore your options without having to sift through and evaluate your skills, knowledge, values, goals and dreams against thousands of different job descriptions?  There are just too many choices. 

Research has unearthed a number of conundrums around choice whereby too much choice has been shown to put people off making any choice at all! Sound familiar? For example shoppers who were offered free samples of 6 different jams were more likely to make a jam purchase than shoppers who were offered samples of 24 jam varieties. Even the addition of one extra choice has been shown to cause paralysis by analysis. How can that be? Surely the more jobs or jams you have to choose from the more chance you’ll have of finding something you like? Research has shown otherwise. This “paradox of choice” can put you in a real jam and may help to explain why so many people flounder about trying to choose their next job. It may not be that we feel that we have no choice - instead that we have too many choices.

So, how do we narrow down our options? Thankfully there is help at hand in the form of a careerPreference Profiler. The on-line tool takes you through a series of questions and provides you with a targeted list of choices that specify not only your field of interest but also a list of occupations to explore within this field. From Stevedores to Phlebotomists and CEO’s to Receptionists…. you will then be able to view more information on those occupations to enable you to make an informed career decision.


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