Career Workbooks for Career Coaches

"create your future" workbook $125 plus gst

The 60-plus page Create Your Future Workbook guides your clients through the following steps to creating your future:


Getting started
Your Career Review - a personal audit of what's worked and what hasn't so far
Assessing your key Values - what is fundamentally important to you
Assessing your key Motivators - what drives you
Assessing your Talents & Marketable Skills
Assessing your Interests
Assessing your Personality Style
Finding your unique opportunity
Building your Strategy
Defining your tactics
Eliminating Roadblocks
Creating Opportunities


Whether your client is a student or contemplating returning to study, the Career Assessment process will enable them to gain clarity about the best subjects and types of work that they may want to pursue in the future.

This self-assessment process and workbook resources will help your clients to identify likely future steps.

Available to our trained and licensed career coaches at a discouted rate to assist with the support of your growing client base.