online careerCENTRE

Imagine…your own online career centre....

    supporting great coaching conversations and

          adding a revenue stream to your business...

The online careerCENTRE is an outstanding resource available to career coaches to assist their clients to clarify their VALUES, TALENTS, INTERESTS and MOTIVATORS.

These tools combine to assist with a thorough career review and to provide the basis for realistic career actions. In conjunction with career coaching consultations or stand-alone, they provide your coaching clients with the means for analysing their current situation in terms of jobs, career and self; facilitating realistic career action plans that are motivating, enabling them to maximise potential and opportunities beginning from their current role.

We know that budgets can be tight for coaches, so we have priced the career centre very competitively to ensure it is within your reach.

Why online assessment and planning?

As coaches, we know that we don’t always have the luxury of time with our clients.  Individuals are looking for more value for their dollar, but continue to have high expectations of what progress they can gain during a coaching programme.

Providing online tools in addition to your face to face programmes help you to diversify your product suite and offer: 

  • Immediate value
  • Cost effective support
  • Instant support
  • Automatic reporting
  • Easy access (24/7 Internet Based)

Unique customisation for your business and brand

The online careerCENTRE offers a range of configuration points so that your clients stay loyal to you. You can add your own banner, text, and colour scheme to match your website, and have the ability to add and manage your coaching clients access - at the click of a button.  You will be able to:

  • Add your own banner, colours and fonts
  • Add messages, promote career programmes and key coaching tips - whenever you like!
  • Create your own unique welcome emails


Track the success of your online career centre initiatives - report by client, group or other demographics that you choose. See your return visitors and unique vistors all in one easy reporting page.

Contact Us Today

Call us for a no obligation web demo of the online careerCENTRE, and we will show you how this tool can add value to your coaching clients, broaden your offer, and provide another income stream.

For more information contact Jo Mills at, 0800 TALENT or 09 523 0000 for a chat about how the online careerCENTRE could work for you.