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The Morrisby Profile battery of tests is used in different contexts and as such, individuals wishing to access training to use the Morrisby Profile have varying training needs. Some users will be careers professionals wishing to use the tests within their organisation or in schools. Others may be careers teachers and some will be consultants and HR professional using the tests for selection, assessment and development.

Many users will want access to the Morrisby Organisation’s bureau scoring and vocational guidance report preparation service, the Vocational Guidance Service (or VGS). HR professionals may wish to use the Morrisby Organisation’s bureau scoring and report preparation service for assessment purposes. In order to ensure that all individuals receive appropriate training, the Morrisby Organisation offers a variety of training courses to suit all requirements.

In most cases, psychometric test publishers require users to be trained to a level approved by the NZ Psychological Society. The NZPS offer Accreditation starting with 'Level A' which covers Aptitude and Ability tests, and 'Level B' which includes personality measures. Use of the Morrisby Profile, like other psychometric ability tests, will require that users have achieved Level A status in order to use the tests independently. However, in certain circumstances, users can access the services provided by the Morrisby Organisation and can administer the tests without additional accredited training.

The following pages will provide details about the varying ways in which individuals can use our tests and also the level of previous training required.

Career Analysts' qualified occupational psychologists deliver a number of public training courses per year on site at our offices in Auckland. These are fast-track courses open to a variety of practitioners.

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