career transition coaching

focused assistance for critical career transitions

Practical, job search focused programmes for people that primarily need to review and improve job search skills to maximize opportunities in the market. An intensive four session programme for targeted individuals.

This is a practical but very thorough programme that has the primary aim of improving the participants job search skills for a quick and effective result.

Programme Deliverables

At the completion of their programme participants will have up-to-date and well-developed job search skills and plan of how to get the ideal next job for them.

The programme includes

  • Individual consultation for up to four sessions with a professional Careers Adviser
  • Creation of a targeted, professional CV / Resume appropriate for each individuals career goals

Session focus is tailored to the individual but can include:

  • Targeted coaching in critical transition skills such as preparing a résumé, conducting company and industry research, and answering difficult interview questions
  • Coaching in informational interviewing, researching and networking
  • Assistance in uncovering appropriate career opportunities and job leads

Candidates on an individual programme will be assigned an experienced career management consultant who will coach and support the individual throughout their programme.

Our interest in the individual will not cease with the completion of the formal part of the programme. It is quite usual for our consultants to maintain contact with cnaiddates by offering moral support and market advice to meet the personal needs of every individual.

All our programmes are designed to take candidates experiencing career transition quickly and effectively through the following phases to ensure their career is back on track within the minimum time period.

You will find us a very cost-effective solution, and one that cannot be bettered in terms of support for your staff. Workbooks and comprehensive reference materials included in all our programmes. We focus on creating a positive career management mind-set that has candidates quickly focusing forward and building career management and transition skills both for immediate and future use.

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