4 career assessment & coaching sessions...

find your passion, identify your talents and get your next career move sorted...

Our highly popular and effective career programme designed to identify your talents and potential, combined with coaching to help you identify what you want for your next career move. Pricing includes a 50 page career workbook, access to our online career assessment centre and other career assessment resources to help you make quality decisions along with four one-on-one personal coaching sessions, usually held over a month.

The programme includes:

  • personal review (completed before you start)
  • careerValues Analysis
  • careerTalents Analysis
  • career Preferences & Passions
  • career review and planning resources and tools

This programme is consistently rated by our clients as being highly inspirational and motivational. The large majority who work with us claim to having greater clarity about their preferred career path after working with us, with many having gained new insights into themselves and their options.

Your career coach, much like a sports coach, guides you through a thought-provoking process aimed at giving you a clearer view of your future options and helps you to identify what's holding you back so that you can create a realistic action plan to "make it happen".

But don't take our word for it, read what our clients have said and view some of their career stories.

Your investment: remember this tends to be a once in a life-time investment with pay-back for many years to come and many people spend more on their car maintenance than they do on themselves.


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