The CareerTALENTS profiling tool identifies your career Preferred Skills and Competency Levels, enabling you to define the tasks and activities which will most satisfy you in your working life.  In essence, you are virtually able to develop your own job-description. With the careerTALENTS analysis you are given a tool for identifying your preferred tasks which enables you to match your skills with possible job or career opportunities. This is in much the same way that we, as occupational psychologists, use similar tools to analyse jobs and then find people with skills to match.  So by making these tools available, you can identify your unique mix of skills and talents, and then use your careerTALENTS analysis to identify work opportunities that will fit your skills.


Our careerTALENTS analysis:

  • identifies your unique skill-set
  • identifies your level of motivation for using a wide variety of skills
  • clarifies skills you can develop for the future
  • helps you build your Ideal Job Profile which can be communicated to employers / consultancies
  • enables you to identify skills which should be marketed through your CV/resume and career development campaign
  • identifies areas of work that you may like to minimise or avoid in future work opportunities
  • Provides tools for incorporating your careerTALENTS analysis into your future career strategy.

An important step to expanding your career horizons is to identify your primary skills and talents. 

The information you gain from this TALENT  analysis, will isolate what abilities you want to emphasize in your future work.  You will gain a vocabulary which allows you to communicate to others what you are looking for and what you have to offer.  While you will need to integrate your careerTalents analysis with other self-assessment findings to crystallise your career goals, you will have the foundation for marketing yourself effectively.  There are real payoffs for you and your employers in that by channelling your motivated talents into your work you will gain enhanced personal satisfaction, as well as greater likelihood of enjoying what you are doing and being more productive.


Your careerTALENTS analysis reveals your natural motivations and talent for work. When your job matches your true motivations work seems easier and is more fulfilling. The purpose of careerTALENTS profiling tool is to help you find work in which you will be most motivated, satisfied and productive. 


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