Imagine the career genie comes up to you and offers you the job of your dreams.  Could you tell him what you want?  Are you able to put into words the innermost desires of your heart?  Are you able to differentiate between a whim, a preference and a strong passion for what you want. 

Clarifying your values can help you articulate what it is you want in a career. When considering career moves we often ponder:

  • where do I want to work?
  • what kind of people do I want to work with?
  • how do I want to work?
  • what kind of working conditions do I want? 

These are values questions.  Being able to answer these questions and others like them clearly plays a key role in achieving career satisfaction.  If you can’t articulate what you want, your chances of getting it are not great.   

Through undertaking the careerVALUES assessment you will clarify what is most important to you in your work and life and enable you to assess your current role against your values, as well as create a clear brief for future roles and career opportunities.  The careerVALUES assessment provides some useful criteria for career decisions.  They also provide an opportunity for comparing opportunities and negotiating for what you really want. 

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