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Are you aware there are consistent themes or motivators in your career which shape and guide your life and work decisions? What are your key motivators? How do they influence your choices? This questionnaire helps you begin to answer these questions, to gain a clearer view of your career path and influences on your choices. The results, when analysed, provide you with your career motivator profile.

By understanding what really motivates us we can build a career path that us truly satisfying.

In essence, by defining and understanding what motivate us, we are able to build our own blue-print for success - in fact, to create our own definition of success.

Not all of us want to move up the career ladder, yet this is often seen as the generally accepted definition of success in our society. Yet success may mean something very different to you. Are you looking to make a difference to others, to create something unique in the market or to have balance where you have time for both your family and your work? Today it is far more acceptable to focus on a variety of paths to gain satisfaction in our working life. By completing the Career Motivators questionnaire you are defining what success in life means to you. It will help define your career path and focus your thinking on what else you need to do to build a satisfying, and stimulating life.

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