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Our expertise...

Career Analysts are a specialised consulting firm dedicated to supporting iindividuals at all stages of their career to make strong career decisions. We work with individuals who are proactively seeking career change, wish to strategically plan their next career move, planning their retirement or who are seeking support to find a new job as quickly as possible.

At all levels where organisations and staff intersect - individuals, groups and teams, and organisation-wide - Career Analysts provide services that improve performance and create successful careers and businesses.

Career Analysts are dedicated to developing the talent and potential of your individuals, your teams and your business. We are known for our ability to inspire change and build the capability within teams and organisation-wide.

We were established in 2002 as a specialist organisational psychology service with a special interest in the identification of talent and the building of talent and capability within businesses.  Career Analysts have established a reputation as inspiring, innovative and results-focused.

your talent is our passion...

Our passion is developing the talent within individuals and building the capability of individuals, teams and organisations.

our mission is...

  • to live the vision and values with integrity
  • to push boundaries and keep ahead with research and innovation in our profession
  • to consistently pursue excellence
  • to be magnetic, opportunity creators
  • to build collaborative partnerships with our clients
  • and, always, to be passionate about the potential in others.

 Lighting the Fire

- One Person at a Time