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The following programme options are available:

career coaching

coaching to assist with career related issues ....


performance coaching

coaching focused on improving performance... .


executive coaching

leadership coaching for your executive team...


transition coaching

career support if transition to other roles is needed..


team leader coaching

coaching for your future business leaders....



A powerful tool for motivating, upkskilling and inspiring changed behaviour, our Coaching Programmes are about creating sustainable behavioural change.

We design our services around your requirements, and either provide you with one of our pre-defined programmes or tailor a programme to suit your requirements from our individual modules. Each programme involves a specified number of sessions using a combination of specifically designed tools and one-to-one personal coaching sessions. These “tools” may involve workbooks, card sorts, 360 feedback and on-line assessment all for the purposes of enhanced self-awareness.

Our key points of difference include

  • Experts in the field of coaching with business experience and a strong understanding of commercial realities
  • Leading edge on-line assessment tools
  • Face-to-face expert support and guidance
  • Personalised programmes to meet individual needs

Sessions are normally one hour in duration and programmes are agreed for 5 week, 12 week or year long (10 monthly sessions) to meet your agreed objectives.

The programmes are designed to provide participants with the tools to:

  • Improve performance within their team
  • Maximise thier own success and performance
  • Gain skills to empower and motivate others
  • Build a success oriented culture within their organisation
  • Add a powerful tool to their managerial skill-set
Always tailored to the objectives of the individual and business, our Coaching Programmes are agreed via a confirmation of brief, outlining an agreed programme prior to assignment commencement.



Coaching can help further develop performance by enhancing capabilities and/or helping staff members become more motivationally aligned with the organization

Contact us to find out about coaching solutions to meet your business needs

"This was a very beneficial and rewarding process, helped provide me with the skills/tools
to evaluate myself on an
ongoing basis."


"I'm feeling reinvigorated and
am very excited about my
career path and direction.

"The career coaching session was really helpful, as it helped me highlight my strengths. It also helped me realise what type of work I’d like to be in, and gave me a clearer idea of what I need to do to get there"


Having someone outside of the organization look objectively – and enthusiastically – at my career, and possibilities for the future. The mission (visioning) worksheet that was sent to me was exceedingly useful, and is my biggest “takeaway”.