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Career Analysts are a leading provider of proactive career coaching and outplacement services. We work with a broad range of clients ranging from school leavers to General Managers covering career change, redundancy support and career planning and strategy.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaches.  Our coaches have a strong understanding of the commercial realities of work, have a talent for coaching and enjoy empowering others to reach their goals. Pragmatic and inspirational, we offer our clients a service which is characterised by integrity, warmth, business understanding and practical tools and advice.  

If you are an experienced coach please contact Michelle Mearns, of Career Analysts an email at or give me a call on 021 279 7875 for a confidential chat about how we could work together.

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Career Analysts are a leading provider of career coach resources and training. Michelle Mearns,  Lead Career Coach is a professionally trained coach and member of  the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Michelle has 15 years experience helping clients create a work-life they love. This extensive coaching experience is coupled with a sound commercial background as a Corporate Leader, Trainer and Entrepreneur. Michelle works with a wide range of candidates, bringing a unique mix of entrepreneurial and corporate expertise; her  background includes business ownership, consulting, training and extensive career and life coaching.

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Our programmes meet the highest benchmarks of quality and professionalism set by International Coaching Programme (ICF) certification. Career coaching will show you how to help others gain the skills to identify their career options, and market themselves successfully so they can get the job they want. Core Coaching skills passes on the tools coaches need to help people gain greater self-awareness and control over their lives.

By becoming a Career Coach you will be able to leverage off our expertise and market credibility as a leader in the career coaching profession. READ MORE>>

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The online careerASSESSMENT  centre is an outstanding resource available to career coaches to assist their clients to clarify their VALUES, TALENTS, INTERESTS and MOTIVATORS. It is a tool that provides valuable insight and resources for your clients and for you, the coach. . READ MORE >>

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become a career coach and inspire others to maximise their potential