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Career Transition, Outplacement and Redundancy

Transition support for your business and people during times of change..

Change is often difficult for both organizations and staff, particularly in times of restructuring, mergers and down-sizing. We provide a range services to organizations going through change, particularly when the change results in roles becoming disestablished.

As business psychologists and qualified career guidance professionals we are uniquely placed in New Zealand to provide support to your staff and business through times of change. We have a national team of dedicated guidance professionals available with a loyal clientele and a reputation for helping turning tough times into positive outcomes for the individuals impacted.


Our key points of difference include

  • Cost-effective, high impact e-solutions providing ongoing support and practical tools for job search success from $285pp
  • Experienced and qualified career coaches who are experts in the field of career review, job search and the world of work
  • Unique retirement offer that provides positive, pragmatic support with a focus on empowerment and choice
  • Leading edge on-line career assessment technology
  • Face-to-face expert support programmes for all levels
  • Personalised programmes to meet individual needs
  • Motivating, interesting and results focussed workshops to provide broad support in the areas of change, job search skills, career review and planning
  • The ability to provide national support
  • A successful telephone coaching model for busy executives or remote areas
  • Facilities to provide serviced office support to senior executives
  • Continued support until alternative employment is secured
  • Links with selected executive and personnel recruitment services
  • A reputation for providing positive, proactive support to others that is insightful and motivating, even during times of change

fast and effective e-solutions...

the career toolkit

an effective way to support large groups of impacted staff or for staff who want to work on their job search on their own but would still benefit from access to up to date tools and resources...READ MORE>>

cv and resume solutions...

cv consult and development

preparation of an up-to-date CV that attract attention, build candidate confidence and professionally convey skills and capabilities to future employers. ... READ MORE>>

high volume, fast solutions...

workshop options

workshop solutions for up to 12 participants... READ MORE>>

high touch, high impact solutions...

career transition

intensive job search support for up to 4 sessions... READ MORE>>

career assessment and coaching

targeted career support for 6 sessions ...READ MORE>>

professional career coaching

intensive career support for up to 3 months...READ MORE>>

executive coaching programme

unlimited transition support for your senior people...READ MORE>>

transition coaching

one-on-one support sessions as required... READ MORE>>

Career Analysts can assist your organization and provide planning, coaching and outplacement support for those individuals facing transitions due to restructuring of the business. There is no stigma attached to our services, with individuals motivated by the prospect of a full career analysis and coaching support through a transition period.To talk with a Career Analyst career coach about your needs, contact us.


"I can say without reservation
that Career Analysts have markedly changed my life for
the better..

There were many times when I felt like I had been run-over by the job finding process...

I owe Career Analysts a great debt of gratitude as they helped me refine exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. Consequently, I now work in a job that I love, which is heading in exactly the direction I want to go in terms of my career AND I am not being suffocated by a
suit and tie anymore!"

AB, Marketing Manager

Thanks for the coaching. It was extremely insightful and I feel so
much better for having gone through this process. I am aware now that I probably should spend more time doing it myself on a regular basis.
It was incredibly enlightening. Please feel free to use me for a testimonial should you want to.
best wishes

PJ, Business Analyst


Thanks so much for all your help Anne, I couldn't have made it through this without you! I look forward to moving onto the next stage….

CM - Solicitor


I really found the programme very useful, in particular the excellent advice that I was given on Job Searching, Recruitment Agencies, creating a well-tailored CV, Interview Skills and the Online Assessments.

My coach did an absolutely wonderful job in helping me find the right position that met my specific requirements.

I found Tracy to be a very thorough, well-spoken, well organised coach. She gave me step-by-step instructions, methods and advice on how to find a new job / new career that was right for me. And as a result, her efforts paid off tremendously as I was selected for the job that I really wanted.

I really appreciate your help during that difficult time.

RK - Marketing Co-ordinator