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Team Building

Career Analysts provide a unique approach to team-building through combining team insights with interaction, blending fun and learning into great outcomes for your team.

From treasure hunts to carefully crafted workshops, Career Analysts programmes range from short to multi-day sessions that combine experiential learning with diagnostic instruments. Chose from themed workshops or brief us to customise a programme to suit your specific intention. We'll get to know you first and get a clear understanding of your objectives, so the right solution and tone can be delivered on the day.

Whether you decide to stay in the training room or take it outdoors,
workshops combine unbridled fun with memorable experiences designed to translate in to targeted on the job behaviours. Our experience means that your teambuilding day will keep comfort levels high while spreading
excitement among your group and achieving your desired results.

Exercises designed as metaphors for the workplace contain lessons, skills and experiences at the individual and group levels. Many involve problem solving and group decision-making, while others enhance communication skills, customer focus or concentrate on building a meaningful common vision.

Building high performance teams is our business and the benefits continue to make positive waves long after the fun and games have been packed away.

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