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What should I do when I leave school?

What would I be good at?

What career would I enjoy?

With a constantly changing world of work and ever expanding options and choices students often find it difficult to make career decisions that will fulfill their Career Dreams!

As parents you will be concerned that your son or daughter makes the right decision for them about further education and career choice. Many of us have made ‘false starts’ in education or work as a result of not knowing our strengths or the realities about work, and it makes sense to reduce the chances of this happening for your son or daughter.

If you want the confidence that your son or daughter is heading in the right direction, or they really have no idea what to do then this is the programme for you - a unique assessment tool, available in New Zealand only through our partner, Career Dreams Ltd.

Alisa Bartholomew, Managing Director of Career Dreams Ltd has been delivering this tool for Career Analysts over the past 4 years and assisting hundred’s of students to realise their Career Dreams! With her team of Morrisby accredited coaches your son or daughter can receive professional, helpful and practical support to identify their unique career path. 

So, what action can you take to confirm that their Career Dreams are successful and help your son or daughter find the right way forward?


The Morrisby Career Profiler

Career Dreams Ltd have the only tool available in New Zealand that can identify talent and potential and provide occupational matches for your son or daughter.  For 87% of students taking the questionnaire, when surveyed 10 years later, we were either “close” or “very close” in the occupational suggestions provided by our career assessment process.

Our programme takes a lot of the guess-work out of career choice, and any other career test taken in New Zealand will focus only on interests (what they think they want to do) not what they are really suited to doing.  We are able to give students feedback on how their personality and abilities fit with people already in those careers – whether it is law, engineering, administrative work or a trade.

The Morrisby Report is the leading careers guidance system of its kind in the UK and the majority of UK private schools choose the system. It has recently become established in Australia and New Zealand and we are excited to offer it to students.

The report is designed to help answer the questions of ‘What would interest me?’, ‘What would I be good at?’ and ‘What career would I enjoy’?  It does this through measuring a students career interests and the pattern of their abilities.


What Do I Have to Do?

The Morrisby is done in two parts: first your daughter or son will need to come to our office in Auckland CBD for the assessment (which takes around 3.5 hours) then when the report is ready you and your daughter or son will be invited back for a one hour feedback consultation.

The assessment is multi-choice and can be completed by students from aged 15. The one-on-one feedback session is an opportunity for your son or daughter to discuss his or her career dreams with a Morrisby accredited coach, and create a plan to work towards researching these further.


How Much Does it Cost?

For only $419 you receive the Morrisby Profiler 20-page report and a one-on-one feedback session with one of our accredited coaches.  Parents are encouraged to attend the feedback session. 


How Do I Sign Up?

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Anne Fulton ,
Director - Career Analysts